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To highlight one among the all GCOT activities, GCOT is working on Build up a Bridge between Farmers and Market which consists of Farmer to Institution (F2I), Farmer to Business (F2B) and Farmer to Customer (F2C) models using appropriate supply chain and value chain interventions to make village self-sustainable agricultural produce, process and promote in a successful manner. The objectives are to creating a dedicated, transparent market place for food growers of your village and food buyers globally, encouraging transparency and fair competitiveness, supporting with the complete ecosystem in order for farmers to be able to sell their products at a real, transparent, and fair international and local market price directly without any mediator. As such the platform could help in increase of farmer income as well as customer pricing and quality simultaneously.

It is to mention not, your self or your family members or your friends are definitely falling under any of the categories, who can be benefited through the platform. In order to become a part of the GCOT Activities as a volunteer, just click the below button and register yourself as a GCOT volunteer to promote the activity or any other programs which GCOT is being taking up for the village self-sustainable programs.